Interview with the dancing coffin Undertaker who became an online sensation


You probably would have seen them dancing online carrying a casket.

Their pictures and videos have been used in so many cases, some to signify warning and also a way of saying R.I.P.

Interview with the dancing coffin bearers who have become an online sensation

From Ghana but know worldwide, They are hired so that the deceased can be sent off appropriately with their choreographed movements.

Benjamin Aidoo, the  Boss of them all, said their success was strictly driven by customer requests in an interview with BBC.

Below are his words :

“If the client comes to us, we just ask them: ‘Do you want it solemn or do you want a bit more of a display?’

“They tell us what they want and we do it,”

…He said

Elizabeth Annan said she hired them for her mother’s burial

because they bring life to a funeral and she wanted to send off her mum in style.

“When they take your beloved to their resting place they also dance…

so I decided to give my mother a dancing trip to her maker,”

…she said.

The pallbearers wear the cap in style and dance to the music they perform at the funeral putting on the same uniformity outfits.

The group has produced work for many people, and the group has become famous over time, according to Aidoo.

Funeral ceremonies in Africa are very common, purely cultural.

Watch interview with the popular pallbearers below:



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