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How To Stop And Prevent Your Google Adsense From Been Banned By Bomb Clickers

Admin Mon, Oct 14, 2019 Webmaster [7771]

Good day Gistfansers,
Today i will be teaching you how to protect your AdSense from been ban or been clicked many times by evil minded people.

I realize many people has been facing this issues which result in them loosing their AdSense account and huge money in them.

So today i have provided a lasting solution which will help you guys keep your AdSense account save from bomb clickers.

Follow the Below Proceedures

Use this code at the body tag of your site <body>

function ASSetCookie(e,o,t){var n=new Date;n.setDate(n.getDate()+t);var i=escape(o)+(0==t?";path=/":"; expires="+n.toUTCString())+";path=/";document.cookie=e+"="+i}function ASGetCookie(e){var o,t,n,i=document.cookie.split(";");for(o=0;o<i.length;o++)if(t=i[o].substr(0,i[o].indexOf("=")),n=i[o].substr(i[o].indexOf("=")+1),(t=t.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g,""))==e)return unescape(n)}function ASSetCookieAds(e,o){var t=ASGetCookie(e);null!=t&&""!=t?(ASTheCookieInt=parseInt(t)+1,ASSetCookie(e,ASTheCookieInt.toString(),0)):ASSetCookie(e,"1",o)}function ASMaxClick(e,o){var t=ASGetCookie(e);return null!=t&&parseInt(t)>=o}jQuery(document).ready(function(e){var o="adsShield",t=".adsShield",n=!1;ASMaxClick(o,3)&&e(t).hide("fast"),e(t).bind("mouseover",function(){n=!0}).bind("mouseout",function(){n=!1}),e(window).on("beforeunload",function(){n&&(ASMaxClick(o,3)?e(t).hide("fast"):ASSetCookieAds(o,7))})});

The above code will prevent your AdSense from been incidentally click more than 3 times.

If you have any questions, kindly ask using the comment sections.

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