Brazil's Tallest Man, Joelison Shares His Love Story After Falling For A Small Woman

Published by Nnamdi Fri, Jun 07, 2019

A man who is said to be the tallest man in Brazil has shared his love story after falling for a small woman. ...

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    Their love is like fairy tale. Joelison Fernandes da Silva, the tallest man in Brazil stands at 7 feet 8 inches tall and is married to Evem Medeiros who is 5ft tall. Joelison is from Paraiba and is the world’s third tallest man.

    He was born on 18 August 1985.

    The remarkable love shared by Joelison and Evem has continued to amaze people all over the world.

    Joelison Fernandes da Silva was born with gigantism. Gigantism is an endocrine disorder resulting from long-term secretion of too much growth hormone, which accelerates the growth of muscle, bones and connective tissue in childhood or adolescence before the end of puberty. The consequence is an accelerated growth rate and increased height as well as a number of additional soft tissue changes, according to a definition by your hormones.

    Because of his unusual height, he was bullied and forced to drop out of school. Joelison felt embarrassed each time people stared at him and spent a good part of his life, hiding away at home.

    an interview with Barcroft, he revealed that he saw himself in a different light from the rest of the world.

    ‘I saw myself as abnormal,’ he says.

    However, Joelison needed to live a normal life. He wanted to be like every other person and took the bold step by removing a benign tumour through surgery on his pituitary gland at the age of 21 which helped slow his growth.

    Since the successful surgery, Joelison grew in confidence that he even became a local celebrity at his home town attracting admirers and attending television invites.

    That attraction was what led him to his now wife, Evem who was one of his admirers.

    Joelison said he fell in love the first time he saw Evem

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