Horrifying Moment Bogus Delivery Driver Brutally Attacks Three Women In Their Home As He Knocks One Victim Unconscious And Punches Another To The Ground Before Running Off

Published by chinazaro Fri, Sep 06, 2019
A delivery driver was filmed brutally beating up three women inside their own home, knocking at least one out, before dragging them into a kitchen and fleeing.

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Horrific footage shows the man beating the women, who appear to be members of the same family, in a sickening attack in Luton, Bedfordshire on Monday morning.

He battered the woman who answered the door to him, before also attacking a second woman who had rushed to help, knocking one unconscious.

The driver then dragged their bodies into the kitchen before lying in wait for the third woman as she came down the stairs and brutally attacking her.

The victims, a Chinese family who do not wish to be named, posted the video online in an attempt to track down the attacker.

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