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[story Time] My Father Impregnated Me Episode 3

Admin Sat, Sep 14, 2019 Entertainment [227]
My dad understood my circle so well and he plans for it ahead of time. He buys my pads ahead of my monthly periods without my knowledge. After the first lecture mum gave to me on womanhood she never did any follow up again. She left me with my fate. I would have gotten into lots of troubles if not for my dad who was available for me. This is why I can’t leave him for boarding school. Who will give me such attention? Who will be as friendly as my dad? Who will understand and tolerate me like him? These and more questions ran through my mind daily.

The journey to my woe started on the 2nd of June 20…… when my dad became sick and my mum wasn’t available to take good care of him. As young as I was then, I played the role of a mother and a wife all together. I filled in the vacuum my mum created because of her busy schedules. Three days after, my dad recuperated and bounced back. At this time, our bond for each other had grown beyond daughter and father relationship. On several occasions, I had noticed my dad starring at me lustfully and forgetting himself. On the 2nd of June, my dad came into my room. I had stopped sleeping in his room because we could no longer justify why I should continue sleeping there, considering my age. He lets me move into the other room to avoid suspicion.

“How are you Nike?”, he asked, looking straight into my eyes. I felt an unusual s£nsat!on all over me when he looked into my eyes. “I am okay dad”, I replied. He sat on my bed and began to massage my hair. Of course, that wasn’t the first time he was doing that. He does it to my other sisters too even in the presence of mum. But the feeling that day was quite different. He left after five minutes but that visit was what broke the camel’s back.

He came back after thirty minutes. “Nike, I hope you are okay?” Dad why are you worried about me? I am okay”. “Alright, come and give daddy a hug”. I moved closer and hugged my dad like other times but daddy seems to have ulterior motive this time from his look. “Nike, do you know how much I love you?”, he asked. “Yes daddy, I know you love me so well, I love you too.” He kissed my forehead and said, “That’s daddy’s baby.” I stopped playing with his manhood when I knew that wasn’t right to do with one’s father. He stopped asking me to sU-Ck too because he began to notice I am getting mature and I could let the cat out of the bag someday. But this day, he reminded me of those days. He sang my childhood favourite song to me again. His eyes were changed and this time I was grown enough to know. These eyes were sexy. I had so much confidence in my dad, so I had no fear for anything.

He held me so tightly and began to unbutton my blouse in a way that suggests he want to have canal knowledge of me. Before I could say Daddy, he grabbed my two b-----s firmly. “Give me this one chance and I will prove to you how much I love you”, my dad begged me as his face was full of pity. I have never argue with or deny my dad anything but this was a cross road for me. How will I give my dad a chance to deflower me? I couldn’t look at my dad’s face as he continued to beg me for sex.

“But why do you want to do this to me daddy?” I asked, as tears began to run down my cheeks. “You are a beautiful girl with irresistible body. I want to do this because I haven’t done it with your mother for a long time. She practically denies me anytime I make advances. I am starved and I know you won’t let daddy to starve forever when you have the answer in between your legs........





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